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HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, GatsbyJS.


Provide a website that is a marketing hub and increases web traffic and conversions.

The Story Behind the Development of this Website

Pedro LaTorre has spoken all over the United States as a consultant and motivational speaker for Compassion International and for charity: water. He has impacted thousands of kids lives for the better.

Pedro needed a website that would help increase the amount of people visiting and staying on his website and get more conferences booked for him to speak at.

I went to the drawing board and created some designs and how the website would flow.

He approved it and I got to work.

I decided to use Gatsby because they make things really easy to get started and their websites are blazing fast. I also hosted it on Netlify so that I could use their built in tools to get the contact page set up easily.

With this new website traffic increased by 40% and conversions have increased by 15%