1. Once create-react-app has been created, create a build for it by going to your terminal and typing: npm run build
  2. Install Netlify cli

    1. Npm install netlify-cli -g
    2. Netlify deploy (authorize in broswer window that opens)
    3. Create and configure a new site
    4. Publish directory : ./build
    5. Review that draft looks good
    6. Netlify deploy --prod
    7. Again Publish director : ./build
    8. View the hosted website
  3. Make sure project is hosted on Github
  4. On Netlify go to site settings

    1. Build and deploy
    2. Link site to Git> github
    3. Select the correct github repo
    4. Build command: npm run build
    5. Publish directory: ./build
  5. Now when a change is committed to Github it syncs over to Netlify and shows live!