There are many small details that can make all a big difference – both in terms of giving customers trust and also giving them extra functions that aid conversions and improve the overall user experience of your site. It makes your business stand apart from the other’s giving you a competitive edge.

Overall, it's important that your website meets the purpose you're investing in, drive more business. This means that every visitor should arrive with intent, get the information they want, be lead to a conversion and provide you with the analytics needed to optimize the site.

Here are 7 must have features for artisan websites.

  1. Call to action - tell visitors what you would like for them to do
  2. Reviews and Testimonials - Video helps with building trust with your visitors
  3. Title and meta description update - Optimize your title and meta description so search engine users are more likely to click through
  4. SSL Certificate - Make sure your website is secured, especially if you are collecting visitors information
  5. Google Analytics - This will help give you deep insight on how your website is doing with visitors
  6. Blog Page - news about your company, advice, and client stories that you can share with your audience
  7. About Us - Make sure all visitors know your story