About Me

I'm a programmer who actually CAN fix your computer. I've been a part of the IT industry for the past 7 years. About 4 years ago I actually worked in a website development company and that is where I was exposed to the world of building websites and I caught the bug.

The first website that I built was for my wife and was built with WordPress. That was my first real taste and from there I wanted to keep learning and building things. I stuck with WordPress for a while but then as time went on I was exposed to other areas of web development by doing tutorials from FreeCodeCamp, Udemy and CodeCademy.

I first started learning Ruby on Rails to get a better idea of the MVC model and started going to a few different Meetups in LA like FullStack OpenSource and JS.LA. From there I learned how to work in a couple open source projects and actually made a few Pull Requests to FreeCodeCamp and that really blew my mind that I could contribute to such a big project that intimidated me. But I pressed on and succeeded in that. I also started to learn JavaScript via React and React-Native.

At a certain point, I felt the insatiable desire to create something practical and useful for others. I saw a need in my local church to create a small mobile app for a Summer youth camp. I created RLAY from idea to App Store. You can check out this project here.
One problem that I was stuck on for a couple months was how to save text that was put into a text input field be available for later use. I tried a lot of different things to solve it. Eventually I went to a meetup specifically for React-Native developers and they pointed me in the right direction and I learned component level state management with React-Native and that was one of the happiest days of my life. Because with that knowledge I was able to solve that problem seamlessly.
After working on the app and uploading it to the app store I knew that I wanted to do this as a career.

I've now shifted towards bettering the end-user experience and have doubled down on JavaScript focusing primarily on React and React-Native. I agree with Robert Greene (Author of Mastery) and Malcolm Gladwell (Author of Outliers) and desire to become a master of development through hours of intentional work. I'm ready!
I am looking for a company where I can devote my time and energy to learn how to become a master of web development through collaboration and most importantly clean, concise code!

Recent Work

Click on the image of the project to check out it's GitHub code.

Weather App

This is a weather app that helped me to learn how to connect to a weather API.
You can search for a city in the USA and it will give you the temperature forecast in Kelvins, the pressure and humidity.
It also incorporates asynchronous calls with Ajax as well as the Google Maps API.

Technologies Used
Redux/React/Open Weather API/Ajax/CSS/JavaScript

YouTube App

This app uses the Youtube API to allow you to search for YouTube Videos.
When a search is submitted the first video is set as the main video, additional videos appear in the sidebar.
When a video in the sidebar is clicked it becomes the main video.

Technologies Used
React/JavaScript/YouTube API

Android + iOS app for Camp

I was commissioned to build this app for a summer camp that a faith-based organization put on.
This was a big project for me to put my learned skills in React-Native to the test.
You can read about my experience building it here.

Technologies Used
JavaScript/React-Native/Expo/Android Studio/XCode/FireBase

Web App For Anniversary

This web app was built for my 5 year wedding anniversary.
It plays the music that we had at our reception.
It was a very fun way to show my wife the cool things that can be created with code and she loved it!
It was inspired by another project found here.

Technologies Used
Vanilla JavaScript/CSS/Lots of Love

Music Album iOS + Android app

The use case of this app is to show building a simple album store with an interface similar to the Instagram feed and when clicking on the buy button it takes you to the Amazon page for that album.
It brings in the data via a JSON file.

Technologies Used

Scheduling App for Managers

The purpose of this app is to show user account authentication and deleting and adding users to a schedule in the use case of a manager adding and removing employees from a work schedule.

Technologies Used

American Idol Musician

This was the first real website that I created completely from scratch a couple years ago.

Technologies Used
CSS/Ruby/Ruby On Rails/HTML/Heroku

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